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Ranked in the top 100 Creative Agencies in Canada by Strategy Magazine

Map of Berlin

About Our Name

When the wall went up in 1961, opposing tanks squared off yards apart, ready. One false move could have sent the world into a tailspin. Now that’s tension. The most effective communication has a sense of tension in its DNA. It causes the audience to think twice, or to think harder - it begs a reaction.

That, and Berlin is a city where creativity bubbles up from every crack in the sidewalk, a place where ideas are explored, created and tested. That culture is inspiring.

What We Do

We do this work like we mean it. And we’re doing it because our goal is to create a globally relevant creative agency.

Map of Berlin

Media Neutrality

Tactics are the specific things that one can do as part of an over-arching strategy, such as "make a radio ad", "meet with stakeholders”, “build a GIF" and many others.

We don’t have a favorite tactic - we're media neutral. Every client problem we solve requires a different approach, and the media mix changes each time.

We travel outside the ruts. We create ad campaigns using PR thinking, and PR campaigns that leverage our ad minds.

Now let's take a look at some of the work we've done.